V-PRO™ Low Temperature Sterilisation Systems

Steris's portfolio of V-PRO™ Low Temperature Sterilisation Systems enables Customers to enhance their overall performance, reduce inventory, save time and money, and ensure a high standard of patient care. V-PRO™ Low Temperature Sterilisation Systems are plasma free* and intended for use in the terminal sterilisation of properly prepared (cleaned, rinsed and dried) reusable metal and non-metal medical devices used in healthcare facilities. The Steris-developed low pressure and low temperature sterilisation cycles are suitable for sterilising medical devices sensitive to heat and moisture. All machines are equipped with remote monitoring capability for predictive maintenance, minimising equipment downtime.


V-PRO™ 1 Low Temperature Sterilisation System

The V-PRO™ 1 Steriliser was designed to simplify your sterilisation processes by improving your productivity and minimising disruptions to busy decontamination schedules. Utilising Steris’s proprietary VHP® technology (Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide), the V-PRO™ 1 Steriliser can quickly process large volumes of heat and moisture sensitive devices.

Why V-PRO™ 1 Low Temperature Sterilisation System?

·         Simplicity - One sterilisation cycle to process large volumes of heat and moisture sensitive medical devices.

·         Efficiency - Helps reduce the work and lost consumables associated with aborted loads.  Flexible enough to process same-day or next-day requests. Shorter cycle time when compared to Ethylene Oxide sterilisation, allowing for faster device turn around.

·         Safety - Process is gentle on delicate devices yet assures the efficacy that you and your patients expect.

·         Flexibility - Option to choose the cycle best matched for the devices being processed.


 V-PRO™ 60 Low Temperature Sterilisation System

Building on the V-PRO™ Steriliser platform, the V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser efficiently sterilises a wide variety of medical devices, using Steris’s proprietary VHP® technology. With the V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser, you have the flexibility of a cart-mounted or a countertop steriliser. The cart provides plenty of storage for trays, containers and other items, while the countertop is a great solution when constrained for space. The V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser requires no utilities other than a dedicated electrical connection. The proprietary VAPROX® HC Sterilant is utilised to achieve sterilisation, and at the end of the cycle is broken down into harmless by-products; water and oxygen. The V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser is easy to use, with an intuitive touch screen, and is safe for the environment, patients and user.

Why V-PRO™ 60 Low Temperature Sterilisation System?

·         Productivity - Moisture check feature designed to save you time and money. 60 L chamber provides more useable chamber volume than other countertop hydrogen peroxide gas sterilisers. Process single or dual-lumened flexible surgical endoscopes or bronchoscopes.

·         Material Compatibility - V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser uses VAPROX HC Sterilant (59% hydrogen peroxide sterilant) that is never distilled and concentrated, and delivers vaporised hydrogen peroxide to the steriliser chamber that is gentle on your devices.

·         Cost Effective - Sterilant cup and consumables for the V-PRO™ 60 Steriliser can be used in all V-PRO™ Sterilisers. Flexible service options, with affordable biomedical training available, and full service contracts.


V-PRO™ maX Low Temperature Sterilisation System

The V-PRO™ maX steriliser, is designed with three sterilisation cycles to efficiently sterilise a variety of instrument types, using Steris’s proprietary VHP® technology. The Flexible cycle enables you to sterilise single or dual channel surgical flexible endoscopes with or without a load in 35 minutes.

Why V-PRO™ maX Low Temperature Sterilisation System?

·         Flexibility- Process mixed loads such as two Surgical Flexible Scopes (or) one Surgical Flexible Scope and non-lumen loads up to 24 pounds. The V-PRO™ maX steriliser is capable of processing both non lumen devices and rigid lumen instruments.

·         Productivity- Process up to two times more Lumen devices per load than STERRAD 100NX. Processing options include a 35-minute Flexible Cycle, a 55-minute Lumen Cycle and a 28-minute Non Lumen Cycle.

·         Efficiency - The lack of a plasma coil allows for more usable room in the chamber.  Low sensitivity to moisture minimises aborted cycles saving time, money and enabling faster device turnaround.




For more information on the V-PRO™ Systems, please contact our office.


*Some hydrogen peroxide sterilisers use plasma in their sterilisation process. V-PRO™ sterilisers do not use plasma, and the reason is simple: it is not needed. Hydrogen peroxide sterilisation is effective with or without plasma. In some sterilisation processes, after the sterilant has been evacuated from the chamber, plasma is used as a heat source to remove hydrogen peroxide residues from devices. In V-PRO™ sterilisers, a pump and deep vacuum remove residual hydrogen peroxide. This proven process effectively and efficiently removes residual hydrogen peroxide after each sterilisation pulse.

Aside from reducing complexity, being plasma free has these benefits:

• More room for your devices - There is no need for a plasma coil inside the steriliser chamber which means there’s almost 50% more useable room, minimising aborted cycles.

• Gentler on your devices - Plasma may generate secondary reactions that can be detrimental to top layers of sterilised devices.

•Less heat - Loads in some plasma sterilisers can go up to 55°C due to heat generated by the plasma. V-PRO steriliser loads won’t go higher than 50°C.

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